Employee Testimonials



Working with Just Therapy for the past several months has been a very rewarding experience for myself personally and professionally. The job provides a lot of insight into the types of organizations and structures you could be working with in the future, as well as an opportunity to network with a variety of people already working within the AUS healthcare system. I highly recommend JT to students studying in an allied health field, it has been a great head start to my career and I've met some wonderful people along the way.




Employment at Just Therapy was very rewarding as I was able to gain experience in my chosen profession. Under the guidance of the practicing clinician I was able to implement therapy plans and not only learn new skills but support clients to met their person centred goals. It provided the opportunity to work under numerous professionals and learn multiple ways to provide therapy. A well run organisation, where both Jane and Louise devoted time to matching participants and therapy assistants to ensure the best outcomes whilst always being a source of support for therapy assistants. 



It has been an amazing experience to work with participants over a long period of time to see them grow, develop, and overcome their previous barriers to achieve their goals and reach their full potential. Empowering clients to holistically develop and engage with the community and see the enjoyment on their faces when working through any challenges is incredible. I have learnt so much about myself and the disability industry to assist others to live their best life. 




Hi my name is Sam and I am currently in my final year of my Masters of Occupational Therapy at Flinders University. The reason I love studying OT is because of the wide variety of clinical areas there are to potentially work in and you are always learning. I have been working for Just Therapy as an Occupational Therapy Assistant for the last 2 years of my study and it has been a great experience. This role has allowed me to develop my knowledge and interpersonal skills while working with clients to achieve their goals. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Just Therapy as they have been extremely supportive with not only work but also supporting me with my studies.



Working with Just Therapy gave me the opportunity to apply the clinical skills acquired during Uni, while smoothening the transition from a student to a working professional. The flexibility of working hours meant I didn't have to neglect my studies. While help was available at all times, it also taught me precise decision making, instilling self-confidence and promoting client-centred care.



I've felt very supported by management every step of the way. When I've encountered times with clients where I'm unsure as to what to do, I've always been able to contact someone for support which has been amazing. The matching of clients is great too. I've never worked at a company that supports it staff so well and you always feel you can reach out when needed. Just Therapy is doing great things for the disability community and the clients appreciate all the hard work Just Therapy does.



Since working with Just Therapy, it has enabled me to build upon my problem solving skills and understand different communication methods to make each session more engaging. This has allowed me to work more confidently to apply the skills I have learnt during Uni into practice. It has also helped me realise the strengths and weaknesses I need to work on to become a better future allied health professional.



I chose to pursue Occupational Therapy because I'm passionate about empowering individuals and making a positive impact on their quality of life. What I find most fulfilling about OT is the opportunity to connect with a diverse range of individuals, understanding their unique experiences, and supporting them in reaching their goals. It's an incredibly rewarding field. Working at Just Therapy has provided me with invaluable experiences, collaborating not only with a diverse clientele but also with their families and other OTs. I've gained a wealth of knowledge, adapting to each client's needs and building strong, meaningful relationships along the way.

Just Therapy is committed to providing participants with high quality Therapy Assistants.