Employee Testimonials




Employment at Just Therapy was very rewarding as I was able to gain experience in my chosen profession. Under the guidance of the practicing clinician I was able to implement therapy plans and not only learn new skills but support clients to met their person centred goals. It provided the oppourtunity to work under numberous professionals and learn multiple ways to provide therapy. A well run organisation, where both Jane and Louise devoted time to matching participants and therapy assistants to ensure the best outcomes whilst always being a source of support for therapy assistants. 



It has been an amazing experience to work with participants over a long period of time to see them grow, develop, and overcome their previous barriers to achieve their goals and reach their full potential. Empowering clients to holistically develop and engage with the community and see the enjoyment on their faces when working through any challenges is incredible. I have learnt so much about myself and the disability industry to assist others to live their best life. 



Working with Just Therapy gave me the opportunity to apply the clinical skills acquired during Uni, while smoothening the transition from a student to a working professional. The flexibility of working hours meant I didn't have to neglect my studies. While help was available at all times, it also taught me precise decision making, instilling self-confidence and promoting client-centred care.

Just Therapy is committed to providing participants with high quality Therapy Assistants.