About Us

Just Therapy is an innovative company owned and operated in South Australia. We have employed over 150 therapy assistants and Mentors to support NDIS participants to achieve their individual therapy goals.

Just Therapy is an organization passionate about supporting people living with disabilities to maximize their individual NDIS plans. We have a team of Therapy Assistants and Mentors currently studying Allied Health, Health Science, Education and Social Work. Our Therapy Assistants work under the guidance of qualified Allied Health Professionals.

It was only shortly after we commenced providing services that the Covid pandemic hit our shores. We quickly recognised a need to reassess our service offerings and introduce mentoring supports as participants struggled to connect with Allied Health professionals. Without access to Allied Health professionals, participants could not get therapy plans written. Similarly, many social and community activities ceased due to the pandemic. Participants were in many cases left with no support and we decided to introduce mentoring as a way to continue supporting our clients and to fill the void Covid had made in the lives of people living with a disability. 

At Just Therapy we believe in individuals having choice and control. We encourage participants to choose who supports them, to enable them to feel in control of their individual outcomes. Additionally, our therapy assistants and mentors are mobile and happy to work when and where it is most convenient for clients.

Our staff have been personally interviewed and have all the appropriate clearances and certificates required to work with people with disabilities. They are very enthusiastic to use their skills and knowledge to provide participants with the best chance of reaching your goals.

Just Therapy is committed to providing participants with high quality Therapy Assistants.