Client Testimonials



We initially were connected with Just Therapy back in September 2020.From our initial contact with Louise, she was promptly able to allocate 4 students who she felt met our needs based on our story (personality, experience and availability) - It honestly feels like we have known them for so much longer.

The communication between everyone we have connected with has been made much easier with the app they use with constant updates of each session so they all know exactly what has been done without relying on our memory. Our professional team of therapists create the programs they use when working with Mark at home and are always contactable should the students have any queries.

We can not thank the entire team enough for all their support and honestly making everything as stress free as possible ensuring nothing is compromised during Mark’s rehabilitation process - the progress he has made it outstanding and there is so much more to achieve which wouldn’t be possible with out them!



I'm Teresa and I've been working with Michael for over 18 months now. Just Therapy recently got in contact with me and I'm super pleased to say that the 2 Therapy Assistants working with Michael are working very well with him.

I did a joint session with both Kayleigh and Lachlan (Therapy Assistants) a couple of months ago and went through some of the things in order to get Michael to engage with exercise.

I have since done another session with Lachlan to follow up on this and Michael was extremely engaged with Lachlan. This was both in exercise and conversation.

Michael lacks social interaction so this is as important as the physical goals we are trying to help Michael with.



We have found the staff at Just Therapy to be very helpful, interested, responsive and prompt in following up any questions that have arisen in our contact with them. Their client portal is informative and easy to navigate with a number of Therapy Assistants and Mentors available to work across a wide range of areas of expertise - using the 'filters' available to narrow down the choices, as well as discussing ideas about 'best fit' with the staff there was very helpful.

The 'registration' process was very smooth, with appropriate support to fill in the necessary paperwork and we were offered our first appointment within a very short time frame (the next week).

The Therapy Assistant we have been working with has been very respectful, professional, flexible, sensitive to individual and family needs and keen to collaboratively work on the best ways to support progress towards goals. It is great having this kind of support to help implement recommendations from therapists in very practical ways in a range of real life' situations.



I would like to commend Jane and Louise on the success of Just Therapy, it has been great to see the high-quality service that has been provided to the people I support, helping progress toward achieving their NDIS goals, offering greater choice and control in a realistic, person-centred approach.

I have always found your staff professional friendly and willing to go over and above what is required, with great support internally. I look forward to working with Just Therapy and my participants over the coming years.


Just Therapy is committed to providing participants with high quality Therapy Assistants.