Just Therapy is an innovative company owned and operated in South Australia. We are committed to supporting people living with disabilities to maximize their individual NDIS plans and reach their short- and long-term goals. We have an extensive range of Mentors and Therapy Assistants who are currently studying Allied Health, Health Science, Education and Social Work.

Our team of Therapy Assistants work under the guidance of qualified Allied Health Professionals allowing participants to have up to 3 times the therapeutic support hours than the cost of using a qualified therapist. This will enable them to have a greater chance of reaching their goals, building capacity and increasing independence. Therapy Assistants provide high quality, flexible and ongoing support with the most up to date and relevant educational practices.

Our Mentors strive to share their knowledge, experience and understanding. They provide effective techniques and encourage skill development with the aim to become role models. Our mentors are mobile, flexible and would love the opportunity to support you in reaching your goals.


Just Therapy is committed to providing participants with high quality Therapy Assistants.


Why Choose Us?

✅  Employing a Therapy Assistant has allowed our clients to have up to 3 times the therapeutic support, enabling them to have a greater chance of reaching their goals


✅  There is a limited wait time – we want to help our clients connect with the right worker and start achieving their goals as soon as possible.


✅  We pride ourselves on the quality of our Therapy Assistants and Mentors. They are passionate about helping their clients and love what they do.