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You can search our mentor's profiles to find the best fit for you. We are happy to assist you through this process.


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Our mentors will share their knowledge, experience and understanding, with the aim to act as role models. 

Register with Just Therapy to search for a Mentor who we are sure will meet your needs. When you have identified your chosen Mentor, Just Therapy will connect you with the individual who will then endeavour to organize a time which suits you to discuss your needs and goals. Our Mentors are mobile, flexible and would love the opportunity to support you in reaching your goals.

A mentor promotes skill development and aims to build self-confidence, independence and capacity to the person they are mentoring. Our mentors will become a source of wisdom, support, and friendship. They do not observe and advise on specific actions or behavioural changes. Mentors aim to challenge their clients to think differently and open their eyes to different perspectives and opportunities.

Just Therapy is committed to providing participants with high quality Therapy Assistants.