Do I need a Mentor or a Therapy Assistant?

We have found over time that each new client we support is looking for assistance specific to their needs and goals. This is why we introduced mentoring services. Often clients do not have a therapeutic plan written. Therapy assistants must work under the guidance of a qualified therapist. If there is no supervising therapist, we offer mentors. 

Is there a long waiting period?

Depending on the assistance you require, we generally can connect you with an assistant within a week of your enquiry. With this in mind, there are certain factors such as location and worker availability that may extend this waiting period. 

Can I have more than one Therapy Assistant or Mentor?

Yes. You can have multiple Therapy Assistants or Mentors as you need them. Also, some Therapy Assistants can support you with more than one therapy i.e. an Occupational Therapy Assistant may also be able to support you with Speech Therapy and vice versa.

Do Therapy Assistants only work business hours?

Therapy Assistants will support you when it suits you and it is mutually agreed upon between you and the Assistants.

How much does a Therapy Assistant or Mentor cost?

A Therapy Assistant is $84.50 per hour weekdays. Therapy Assistants can charge for up to half an hour travel to a session, and half an hour from their session in the metropolitan area. However, for inner regional travel they can charge for up to 1 hour of travel. 

A Mentor is $65.09 per hour weekdays and they may charge up to half an hour travel to a session. 

What if I don't have a supervising therapist?

If you do not have a therapist, still contact us and we can offer mentoring to support you in finding and engaging with a therapist.  

Are Therapy Assistants and Mentors mobile?

Our Therapy Assistants and Mentors are mobile and flexible. They are happy to meet you at your preferred location. 

What does a Mentor do?

Mentoring promotes skill development, aims to build self confidence and focuses on supporting you to build your capacity. Mentors will work to help you develop and work towards your aspirations and goals. Our mentors have completed or are currently completing university degrees.

What is the difference between a Therapy Assistant and a Mentor?

A Therapy Assistant works under the guidance of an Allied Health Professional to implement a therapy plan. A mentor does not have a therapy plan, but rather uses their lived experience, knowledge and skills to support you in reaching your goals.

Can I choose my own Therapy Assistant or Mentor?

Yes, we value your right to choice and control, so once you have contacted Just Therapy, we will provide you with a login for our website to view the profiles of our available mentors or therapy assistants.

Does mentoring come out of Core or Capacity Building?

It can come from either the core or capacity building budgets.

Just Therapy is committed to providing participants with high quality Therapy Assistants.